Service & Troubleshooting

CustomAir has 120+ service technicians across B.C. who are skilled troubleshooters working on over 8000 sites throughout BC.

Service & Troubleshooting

With coverage across multiple trades; HVAC, Refrigeration, A-gas, Boilers, Energy Recovery systems & Plumbing – CustomAir has helped solve complex mechanical issues over a 30+ year history. 

What separates CustomAir is when a complex mechanical problem is solved, we don’t stop there, we determine root cause of failure and enact measures to prevent it from happening again. 

We just don’t change parts we identify and solve problems. We do believe the difference is service and we care. Our job is to make yours easier. 

Call us today and see why so many trust our knowledge, experience, and technical approach. 

  • 120 + service technicians, highly trained, and certified 
  •  2-hour emergency service response times 
  •  24/7 operation 
  •  Coverage across multiple trades 
  •  Continuous learning on new technologies 
  •  Relationships with countless equipment manufacturers 
  •  Fast systematic approach to service identifying issues and root causes 
customair employee testing equipment