Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

CustomAir takes pride in managing over 3500 active planned maintenance programs across B.C. With consistent investment in automated software, planned maintenance with CustomAir is dispatched efficiently and effectively. 

The CustomAir planned maintenance program provides more than filter changes or visual inspections. Our highly trained technicians perform preventative tasks and identify issues before they become more costly repairs. This program developed over years of experience saves our client partners from unplanned downtime, high equipment repair costs, and capital replacements. 

CustomAir planned maintenance program benefits: 

  • Ensures safe operation of equipment. 
  • Drastically reduces service calls. 
  • Increases life expectancy of equipment. 
  • Protects costly critical components. 
  • Provides energy savings from equipment operating more efficiently. 
  • Holds and ensures manufacturer warranties on equipment. 

Planned maintenance programs ensure that mechanical systems are running at their peak, resulting in less emergency callouts and less downtime, keeping operating costs down. The cost of energy required to operate equipment can be overlooked when reviewing the cost of maintenance, but system performance can have a dramatic impact on energy costs. 

Common issues that negatively affect energy consumption for buildings without PM programs: 

  • Dirty condenser surfaces raise head pressure, therefore increasing compressor horsepower. 
  • Clogged air filters reduce airflow and raise system pressure drop, increasing fan horsepower. 
  • Improperly set or out-of-calibration controls deliver unnecessary additional BTUs in heating and cooling modes. 
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