Our History


In 1991, Peter Harteveld and his partner Peter Whiten recognized they had a bond that blended technical expertise with business acumen.   

From humble beginnings in a Metro Vancouver basement Custom Air Conditioning Ltd. was born

Founders Peter Harteveld and Peter Whiten
CustomAir company van from 1997

1992 – 1997

The co-founders decided early on that CustomAir’s foundation would be built upon a principle of exceptional servitude – both to its customers and employees. That tradition carries on today. They moved from the basement to a small commercial space in Port Coquitlam and continued growing their business, specializing in design/building dry kilns for BC’s lumber industry.  

1997 – 2003

The declining PNW lumber market of the 1990s forced CustomAir to diversify its service offering with a broader focus on HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing & A-gas work. After surviving the forestry slump in the late 1990s, they began to expand across different sectors including mining, real estate, agriculture and health care. They outgrew their space and moved to a larger building in Port Coquitlam that they still call home base today.  

man on a corded phone
customair employee working on equipment

2003 – 2018

The Company’s growth spurt in the early 2000s helped it survive the global financial crisis in 2008-2009 and continue its expansion. By about 2016, Whiten was ready to retire from the business and Harteveld decided to look for ways to continue the growth trajectory. In the end Harteveld went with a private equity firm that could help CustomAir on the strategic business planning side, such as mergers and acquisitions, while he focused on running the business. 

2018 – 2021

In August 2018, CustomAir announced it would partner with CAI Capital Partners. Harteveld said he went with CAI based on its “impressive track-record” of working with founder-led businesses and helping them to successfully scale their operations. In the spring of 2019, CustomAir purchased Mavco Plumbing & Heating Ltd.  Their strong presence in the Okanagan fit their growth model. 

fleet of customair vans
britech havc building


CustomAir celebrated its 30th birthday in June of 2021 and by the fall, continued its growth by acquiring Britech HVAC Services in Kelowna. It brought under one umbrella a company that was known for its tremendous HVAC service on the West Coast with a company that was known for its extraordinary HVAC service in the Interior. With a similar culture and approach to customer service, they added an additional 20 employees to the team.  

2023 – Present

In the spring of 2023 CustomAir acquired Reliatech, a commercial HVAC contractor in Kamloops, allowing them to have more of a presence in the Thompson / Okanagan area.  

The company now has offices in Metro Vancouver, Whistler, Penticton, Kelowna and Kamloops. Starting from 3 employees, the company has now grown to over 170 employees that proudly call BC home. And from 1 customer the company has gone on to serve over 30,000. Leaning on complex design-build technical expertise and trouble-shooting ability CustomAir has proudly trained many accomplished tradesmen that still work with us today. 

With coverage across multiple trades and an unwavering focus on high level service with high quality installations the company has proudly built a 30+ year reputation as one of the premier HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing, & A-gas contractors. 

With increasingly complex equipment driven by net zero ESG policy, CustomAir is trained and ready for the next chapter. Call us today and find out why so many have been a part of our ongoing story. 

customair company van parked behind building