Since the opening of Pace Processing 10 years ago, they have grown their bakery-based business exponentially by supplying their customers with fresh products made with fresh ingredients on a timely basis.

Due to the nature of their products, they require a large amount of cooling and freezing capacities for processing and storage in order to maintain the highest quality product.

Pace has formed a business relationship with CustomAir for three years now, and have found them to be an excellent fit for our business.

CustomAir has the ability to dispatch knowledgeable certified technicians to our 24/7 operation in short order. Due to the amount of cooling and freezing units, the potential for product loss is significant.

Pace has implemented a Preventive Maintenance program on all of their boilers, coolers, and freezers. Downtime on our equipment has been reduced with these programs in place.

Recently Pace expanded to include an additional spiral freezer with 45 tons of refrigeration. The CustomAir team was able to supply, install, and commission the new units within the short time frame, and came in under budget. The communication with Pace was critical to ensure everything went smoothly.

CustomAir also recently installed a new 1,000 sq ft cooler and a 1,000 sq ft storage freezer with glycol freeze protection. Pace is very pleased with the outcome.